61ckxM0RfsL._SX496_BO1,204,203,200_Fashion Inspirations takes the reader on a vibrant and enticing journey across the fashion landscape of five continents and reveals both the regional and global diversity of fashion across the world today in an endless stream of colorful images. While documenting the latest trends in the contemporary fashion scene, Fashion Inspiration is a true source for creative impulses.

Despite of globalization, which today sweeps trends around the world in a wink of an eye, there are still distinct differences in the interpretations and implementation of fashion by international designers, inevitably influenced by environmental factors, sociological developments, as well as social and cultural traditions.

Europe is considered the crib of haute couture, the very epitome of dressmaking. But a refreshingly rebellious design scene coexists with the historical grand couturiers lending the fashion world a breath of fresh air. The resulting tension results in a blend of couture, tradition and progression. Fashion from Africa remains relatively unknown and is at first glance characterized by commonly associated clichés – the ethno trend and animal prints. A second look reveals a small but daring fashion scene with a full range of unusual patterns and color-combinations closing the riff between tradition and modernism. Asian fashion designers have been pioneers in the field since the 80s and succeed in pairing traditional handycraft with the latest technology in an individual, progressive and extravagant line. Fashion design from America is regionally as diverse as the continent itself: while the north is characterized by a puristic and timeless elegance, Latin American fashion takes on the catwalk as if immune to the global fashion dictums – it bursts at the seams with playful color and underlines the femininity of its wearer. Australiaʼs fashion scene on the other hand is small and has been taken more seriously internationally only since the introduction of the Sydney Fashion Week in 1996. The designs seduce with sunny colors, casual style and Asian influence textiles.

Fashion Inspirations unites the international fashion avant-garde across 700 pages, widening up horizons and presenting plenty of creativity for fashion aficionados and those interested in new ideas and innovation. With catwalk shots and fashion installations, details and illustrations.

Fashion Inspirations
Format 29 x 29 cm
700 Pages Hardcover
Text: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian